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ba adab, ba mulahiza, hoshiyar — Desi ChalChitra ka apna Courtroom Studio Set aa gaya hai! Your honour chahte hai aap apna case isi court me lade.

This courtroom studio set is crucial for any criminal justice film shoot. A courtroom studio set is a serious place to be. This courtroom has everything you would expect to see, such as a table and chairs, pictures and witness boxes. The courtroom studio set always provides your lawyers with a grim environment to discuss their renters’ case.

kya aapko bhi apne shoots ke liye bas tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh, milti ja rahi hai par location nahi mil rahi? Well, your search ends here! We are here with a comfortable Courtroom Studio Set which has a great lightning grid for your preferred angles for shoots.

Desi ChalChitra has come up with a non-chaotic, 30 ft X 30 ft area, fully-customisable exclusive courtroom studio set for your creative cravings. And please don’t be scared! This is just a courtroom studio set for filming and not a real “andha kanoon” wala Courtroom — but but but — we have everything you need for your Courtroom Scenes — vakeel saab ke costume se leke judge saab ke wig aur hammer tak, Gandhiji ki photo se leke, bhaari-bharkam law files tak–idhar sab milega!

This spacious courtroom studio set comes with:

Kyo kii…main jhuth nahin bolta, so give it a try.

If you are not satisfied with our services then please sue us in Desi ChalChitra Courtroom Studio Set and we won’t give you tarikh par tarikh! kyuki yaha par faisal turant lia jata hai!


Desi ChalChitra ki adaalat ka faisala hai ki aap apna case yahi shoot karenge. The court is adjourned! We’ll see you in the Courtroom Studio Set at Desi Chalchitra.

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