Desi ChalChitra

About Us

Mehfil-e-Desi ChalChitra is an Event Space by Desi ChalChitra Pvt Ltd to provide opportunity to budding artists, like poets, singers, debaters, comedians, and more. It’s a stage where you can portray yourself through the power of your words blended with art. We host such events at our artistically designed Mehfil that ensure a creative environment for performers.



What’s it like to be at Mehfil Space of Desi ChalChitra?


Our Mehfil (Event) is handcrafted with fully-recycled material along with desi-vibes. Our Mehfil has the seating capacity of 100+ people with butterfly winged entry/exit gate, fully air conditioned area, rounded wooden seats with colourful rubbers on the edges for the audience, wooden-themed stair seating to ensure straight-spine, jaipur se aayehuye wall decorations, kandeel, chandelier with remote-controlled multi colour LED lights, fancy ceiling lamps, rusty backdrop, jaan-jalane wale aesthetic and small decorative hanging lamps, standing lamps for perfect focus and lights, comfortable cushions & pillows, black curtains, mike, sound-system, and peaceful aura. Matlab ki puri Mehfil Vibes!