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Mehfil Film Festival

A Unit Of Desi ChalChitra Private Limited


Dil ko sukoon milta hai muskurane se ........ mehfil me ronak aati hai apke aane se ........

(In the smile, my heart finds solace, Your presence brings radiance to the space, With every grin, a melody unfurls, In your arrival, the ambiance whirls.)

Welcome to Mehfil, the film festival organized by Desi ChalChitra, a reputed production house with a passion for storytelling. This festival is all about celebrating the art of cinema, bringing together the best films from around the world, and providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase their talent.

Mehfil promises to be a thrilling and engaging experience, where attendees can enjoy a diverse range of films across genres, styles, and languages. Whether you’re a seasoned cinephile or simply someone who loves movies, Mehfil has something for everyone.


♛ Short Film

♛ Feature Film

♛ Mini Series

♛ Web Show


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Venue : Desi ChalChitra Studios

25/ dec


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